Ooma Office Important Suggestions


We are a small company and we use Ooma Office as our entire phone system in the office. We have been with Ooma for about a week now and I would like to thank you for all the features already included so far. I do have a few suggestions that I would like to bring up to your attention to improve the functionality of having Ooma for a small business like ours.

Firstly, I strongly believe that small businesses are main targets or annoying telemarketers and that takes time out of our employee’s day and we lose profitability dealing with these calls. Not to mention, if an actual client calls at the same time for the same person talking to this telemarketer, our actual client will need to leave a message because the phone is occupied. This hurts client relations and we would appreciate having the same feature as Ooma for home where they can block certain numbers. This would make our company run so much more efficiently without wasting time to tell these telemarketers to stop calling us.

Secondly, I have noticed that the virtual receptionist’s menu options are quite limited. We are limited to assign functions to the # keys specifically. It would be nice to be able to add functions for the * and the # button. The reason I say this is because our business menu includes many submenus. For example, the main greeting welcomes the caller and redirects them to either our commercial division (press 1) or our residential division( press 2), to our phone directory (press 9), or to the help desk (press 0). Now if the client wants to go to our residential division they press 2 which brings up a different speech with different options such as sales and service, accounting and general inquiries. All these options need new (unused) specific key #s to direct the customer to the right person however when the customer presses on (4) for sales and service it just brings them back to the main greeting where they choose commercial or residential. The only way around it that we found is by pressing the (4) twice it will go through. Sometimes, however the virtual receptionist says “invalid entry” and starts at the main greeting again. This bothers me that i cannot just press it once and redirect the call to the right person. My suggestion for this would be to add secondary option menus and add a function on the keys such as “redirect to menu 2” which would bring up the secondary options ( sales and service, accounting, etc…) . You currently have two menus; the business hour menu and the after hour menu. It would be nice if we can add submenus for the business hour menu. The reason I say this is because we are limited to 10 functions (1 key # can only have 1 function) for our whole phone system which is not convenient since we cannot redirect the customer to the section where he needs to go or to the person he needs to speak with. In other words, we are running out of key #s.

I hope you will read this and take in feedback from your actual business customers to make our phone system what it needs to be. Thank you for allowing us a place to give this feedback and I hope your team can pull some ideas from this to make it work. I can imagine it all in my head but I know it is easier said than done. Nonetheless, I have faith that you take in your feedback seriously and work continuously to make Ooma Office the perfect phone system for any business.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing new updates in the future.