Ooma Office: Hold music doesnt work with Panasonic phones

So I recently been setting up Ooma Office for my business. Got brand new phones for this as Ooma states it’s compatible for “all RJ45 phones”. So I got the following 4 phones:

3 x Panasonic KX-TS880B Integrated Corded Telephone (using Ooma Linx)
1 x Panasonic KX-TG6511B Wireless Handset (connected to the base phone port)

All phones do this, but when I push hold it goes silent (no hold music). However, when I push flash to open a new call, the current call goes into the hold music queue. Is this a bug or these phones are not compatible for hold music for Ooma office? Would be a big disappointment as these phones are highly rated on amazon + doesn’t break the bank. So far all of the other features works great besides just hold music.

You are putting the phone itself on hold by pushing the hold button on the phone. Ooma has no way to know that you did that. As far as Ooma is concerned it’s an open line that has no audio. Only a Flash will tell Ooma that you want the line on hold.

Yes that is correct, I push the hold button on the phone itself. However, Ooma states that Ooma Office is compatible with hold music after talking to the sales rep and tech support. They both state that if you put the phone on hold, you should be hearing hold music and this is a feature for this specific system.

To add, even the online feature page states this:

Music on hold

See this post. Bobby B mentions putting a customer on hold by pressing the flash key. I may be that you cannot do it right now, or you may never be able to use the hold button, but for today, based on this post and your personal experience, you need to press flash to put a call on hold.

Got an official response:

Hello CHAD,

Currently, Music on Hold via your physical “Hold Button” is not supported
Music on hold is only triggered by pressing the flash button.
We are adding * + 0 as a “hold sequence” to trigger Music on Hold as well, but there is no ETA on this feature release

Your satisfaction is important to us and we would like to bring your issue to a resolution consistent with your expectations. Please be advised that should we not hear from you within 48 hours we will consider the issue to be corrected and close this trouble ticket. After which, if you need further assistance you can reach out to us by calling the Ooma Support Line at 888-711-6662, Option 1.

We recognize you have a choice. Thank you for choosing Ooma!

Carol Romero
Ooma Corporate Support Team
We Appreciate Your Business!

That will be nice to have as I already lost a few calls while putting people on hold using flash. Just for your information.