Ooma Office Freedom headset issue

I have Ooma office, with the Freedom headset. The only way I could get the device to register was to go into the portal and enable Dect scan. 3 attempts and 2 reboots and success. Then I went an assigned it to my extension as an added device, again success, (though device ID isn’t obvious, last 6 digits of the SN). I made an inbound call to Ooma, and attempted to answer with the headset, but I get the message that the device isn’t assigned an extension. It is per the Office manager, but shows offline. I tried a number of “dummy” updates, but it remains offline, and it will not receive calls.


Ok, the ID is the last 6 characters of the DECT address…saw the correlation when I connected a Linx…a little documentation, or a sticker on the base of the device wouldn’t be a bad idea…

In the Add Extension dialog MyOffice will populate a dropdown with a choice of paired devices, so as long as you pair the device prior to adding an extension there’s no need to input the DECT ID. However this functionality is currently offline, so manual input is required. I will post back once this problem has been resolved.

When using the headset with Office be aware of https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18680

the issue with populating the dropdown with available paired devices has been resolved