Ooma Office Extension for Chrome

The ongoing saga I’ve had with Ooma regarding the device I’m using to make outgoing calls. I called and spent 1 hour talking to a rep that insisted that I didn’t know what I was doing and she kept trying to have me do something completely different from what I was talking about.

SO I WILL TRY TO EXPLAIN THIS! Hopefully somebody from the company actually understands the features that they are selling people on. What I am talking about and what is NOT HAPPENING!

Whether it’s from the desktop app or the Chrome Extension, if I choose the outgoing device to be my cell phone or my IP Yeahlink phone, and I initiate the call on the Chrome Extension, that phone(chosen device) rings, I answer it, and then it is supposed to connect me to my outgoing call on that device. My cell phone or IP Phone rings, I answer it, I press 1 as it says, and then the call is dropped. It never connects the intended party to the device, it JUST HANGS UP! This experience alone, and the rep that couldn’t understand what I was attempting to do, made me want to leave Ooma, but I’m stuck to a contract, which, when it ends, I will be leaving.

Two things that haven’t panned out is this and the connection to my CRM to bring up clients names when they call. For some reason, it does not recognize the phone number, maybe because it’s putting the 1 in front of it. Either way, I am now paying $50 more per month, and didn’t get what I wanted out of Ooma, but of course, like any big corporation, they are not going to let me out of my contract, even though they couldn’t deliver on their promises.