Ooma Office: Existing POTS?

For some odd reason I thought that you can use your existing POTS with Ooma office. I am already paying for 2 lines with my DSL via my ISP, but there is no POTS in? For a farfetched idea in the future, will there be a way to use existing POTS lines? I had to set a forward to my Ooma number but if I want direct lines again, I will need to order more VoIP numbers rather than use my 2 unused POTS.

The current model of the Telo no longer has the Wall jack.
It was a “feature” left over from the original concept of sharing each other’s landlines to avoid long distance charges.
It very quickly became a privacy issue and was abandoned.

The whole point of the Telo and now Office is to get rid of the expensive landline phone.

I doubt that any form of landline integration will ever come back.

Yeah and I understand that, just with using DSL you get POTS lines whether you like it or not. I will just use one of them for my alarm and fax machine so I feel like paying for the phone number is worth it. I am not sad that Ooma is trying to get rid of POTS, just convenient if you have them.