Ooma Office - Dissapointed in lack of features

I just got one of the office devices in the last week. After being pleased, overall, with the ooma telo for home, I figured I would try out the office product for one of my businesses. While there are some excellent features, I am dissapointed, overall, with the system, as I feel much was left out that should be simply implemented. Here is my list of features that I see are missing from the system:

  1. Call blocking - (I know its been mentioned before. 2013 at its earliest, yet still not a feature)

  2. General company voicemail - The virtual receptionist should really have its own voicemail box with its voicemail message. The messages in this inbox will be forwarded to this (or these) extension(s) or shared with this (or these) extension(s).

  3. Integration of star and pound/hash keys for special purposes (i.e. repeat this message, return to previous menu, etc.)

  4. Sub-menus - (its been mentioned before)

  5. Two remote numbers per extension - some people have a cell phone and maintain another office/need to ring their home phone

6.Advanced scheduling features per extension - This extension will ring the app at these times, the linx device at these times, the remote number, etc.

  1. See which extensions are being used in the mobile app.

  2. Ability to upload Voicemail greetings. - I’ve set up voicemail greetings from a traditional phone attached to the base station, cell phone, and office app. All of the greetings that I’ve recorded sound like they have an echo.

  3. Ability to customize forwarded caller id. (I.E. - Instead of showing caller’s number on calls forwarded to external phone, show one of the numbers assigned to the base station. Also give the option to show which option was pressed to route the call.)

    Just to take this a little further to explain the reasoning for some of my requests:

Lets say I am a small business with myself as the sole employee. I have a physical business location, but its just a warehouse (this is where the ooma office is set up). I maintain an office out of my home, and I travel to the warehouse once a day to fill and ship orders, and for whatever reason I need an actual phone line at the warehouse.

The owner’s desired ooma office set up is like this: Virtual receptionist answers call, and tells the caller to press 1 for spanish, and 2 for english. (requires 3 ooma office base stations) I need a general company mailbox, a phone orders extension that will ring the warehouse phone, cell phone, and my home office phone. (requires 3 extensions per language, when the business owner is bilingual, and is still the only person in the company). The owner also wants a fax line, and a conference line.

The company with one user now has an ooma office bill of $220 per month. I’m guessing that ooma office is targeting traditional office setups, but by adding these features, ooma could better target small owner/operator businesses and non-traditional office set ups. This is just a arbitrary scenario, but my ooma bill would be around $60 per month if I worked around the system to get MOST of the features that I would want, and I’m still the only person in the company.

“requires 3 ooma office base stations” please explain

I’m assuming that each base station has its own configurable virtual receptionist menu. To have dual language prompts, you would have to have to have this setup:

1st base station: “For English, press 1. Para Español, oprima el dos.” By pressing 1, the first base station routes to base station (#2) with English prompts via the 2nd base station’s primary number. By pressing 2, the first base station routes to base station (#3) with Spanish prompts via the 3rd base station’s primary number.

Total cost: $300 to $750 upfront cost for the devices + $60 per month. Total users 1.