OOMA Office - custom or distinctive ring?

Ooma Office customer with a couple of incoming numbers. Is there a way to set up a distinctive or custom ring so that we can tell which number is ringing? Right now they are all assigned to a single ring group.

I have a similar question. I only use my cell phone - no in-office VOIP handsets. I’d love the OOMA app incoming calls to have a separate ring tone from my personal cell phone calls. Can this be done?

Too bad there hasn’t been a response to this.

I have an iPhone 6 and what I have done is make the phone number that OOMA uses to forward the call to my cell a contact number named OOMA OFFICE. Then I change the default ringtone within the Contacts app. It’s ok for me since I only have one number. But it would e cool to be able to do this inside OOMA Office like the OP is requesting.

New user here, moving from Spectrum to Ooma. Ooma seems great, but I’m disappointed that “distinctive ring” cannot be set up in the Contact List.
Distinctive ring was a feature I really liked.

My Panasonic phone system has distinctive ring for callers that are programmed into it. I do like that feature.

This is more dependent on your phone than Ooma Office. Your phone often comes with various ring tones, but Ooma Office can set up how many times it rings before going to voicemail. If you get a Yealink phone made by Ooma, it comes pre-programmed with about 10 ringtones, none of which I prefer.