Ooma Office Blacklist Feature

In other VoIP services I used for many years, “Selective Caller Block” or “Blacklist” as Ooma Telo calls it, you simply could place unwanted callers on a list. I was shocked to find out after upgrading to Ooma Office that I lose the feature in the upgrade. I am stymied how paying more money for an apgraded service actually TAKES AWAY a feature.

Please make this simple and easily integrated tool available to those of us who use this product as a business tool.

I second that!

It is ridiculous that VOIP service! I have to say that Ooma Office has been a disappointment so far and I’m looking to replace it asap.

Also SUPER disappointed that Blacklist and blocking are not included in Office. :angry:

Add one more surprised and disappointed potential user to the list.
Thank goodness I’m early in the transition so no numbers ported, no bridges burned.

Looks like my Ooma Office will be going back into it’s box and returned unless a crystal ball gazer has some good news re blacklist. There are just too many spam calls to change to a phone system that doesn’t allow blacklisting.

This is not rocket science, but the development, testing, and rollout can be a very complex set of changes.

The apparently “least difficult” technological solution would be to simply apply the same blacklist approach (where Ooma screens caller numbers against the list before sending it the Ooma device, aka “base station”). This would not require a change to any software or hardware on the Ooma Office device. It isn’t ideal, but it’s better than the volume of spam calls I am getting already, after less than two months of Ooma use, including the spammers spoofing non-existent phone numbers.

Alternatively, changing software (and potentially hardware and storage) on the Ooma Office device would enable and equip Ooma Office users to host either a (potentially additional) blocked caller list. This would be an onerous process requiring a massive testing effort and very careful roll-out implementation.

If Ooma can not provide the same blacklist to Ooma Office that is available on Ooma Telo, then simply provide users of Ooma Office to create our own caller blacklist (and a whitelist would also be nice), either on an Ooma Office “base station-specific” basis, or a “user-specific” basis.

Has Ooma explored whether or not this could be provided more easily where the router is between Ooma Office base station device and the modem, by using the LAN port on the Ooma Office base station device, thereby requiring less change on the Ooma Office base station? In such an architecture and implementation, an additional network device, maybe a 'black box" (opportunity to sell additional product!) could host some management functions (for example, tuning the connect speed per user to 1.5 mbps to maintain call quality and avoid dropped calls), and host a “base station-specific” or “user-specific” blocked caller dataset.

I think you need to see this: https://ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=143695#p143695

Call blocking is now here: https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=22250