Ooma not working

I have an old Ooma system (one of the originals). The “ooma” button at the top left of my unit is blinking red. Also the buttons “1” and “2” are also red. My internet in the house is working fine and I have not made or changed any of the Ooma connections. I tried disconnecting the power and then reconnecting but it still has the same lights on and is not working. Any suggestions?

Might be Ooma ISP issues. Seems certain part of country can’t get to Ooma boxes. Phone service is out for some as a result.

Same here. I’m also unable to access my ooma account. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers soon. Sandy :frowning:

Ooma is down for our entire business … again. There’s nothing like an entire sales team that can’t use its telephones.

Same here - older Ooma hub - not working - and I cannot get my ISP to acknowledge that the problem is THEIRS!

Western Michigan
ISP - Charter

I also live in West Michigan and have Charter internet service

From their perspective, nothing wrong with how they service you. Just something wrong with how they might be servicing Ooma.

My business Ooma office has not worked all day. I cannot access the Ooma Office Manager page as well. My internet (cable modem by WOW) seems to be working otherwise. Calling WOW is not helpful, they do not seem to be able to find a problem. Any idea what to try next? I have reset my cable modem.

Russell T. Barr MD

Yes, it looks like there’s some sort of routing loop at Charter’s peer Voxel - note how it keeps cycling between and It’d be useful to send this info to Charter so that they can escalate the issue to Voxel or take them out of route.

My Ooma just went back online. So whatever the problem was it is apparently fixed. Hopefully for good!!

Here was the hop missing:
10 76 ms 76 ms 74 ms 0.te4-4.tsr1.sjc2.us.voxel.net []

11 81 ms 75 ms 73 ms 0.te3-4.tsr1.sjc1.us.voxel.net []

Voxel is a hosting provider and the domain resolves to Internap. It looks like this is where OOMA servers are hosted actually but I can’t explain why it only affected Charter. http://www.tcpiputils.com/browse/ip-address/

Maybe Charter has a connection right into the Internap Datacenter or something.

My Ooma office mysteriously started working again. Very frustrating!

From reading these posts I see this issue affected quite a few people over a fairly large area of the USA. It also affected customers of different ISPs. My ISP is WOW!. Others use Charter, perhaps even others.

It was particularly frustrating when one could not even reach office.ooma.com to try to put up your phones are out of order message.

I hope an Ooma support person reads this thread and tries to get to the bottom of it. It seems unlikely that several ISPs simultaneously had issues that were not connected with any problem with Ooma’s servers.

RT Barr MD