ooma HD2 handset in a beeping loop

my ooma HD2 handset is in a beeping loop - it posts “fully charged” beep-beep, waits about 30s and repeats the whole thing. It’s in the cradle, so I took it out and put it back, but it didn’t help. It left it like this for about 40 minutes this morning. I just let it go, and now it seems happy. I suspect there is some type of battery algorithm that detects that it’s charged, looks again in about 30s, and reports again, “fully charged”! I dunno, but it’s driving me nuts.

Other times it goes dark even though it’s set to never go dark. I set it to never go dark so that I would be able to detect if was in the cradle properly, my idea being it should never timeout the display. I did that after ending up with a dead battery because it wasn’t seated in the cradle properly.

Any ideas about any of this appreciated! thx

now the battery went dead - I don’t know how to keep this working. It’s a struggle! It’s like either in the cradle and beeping or not in the cradle properly and the battery goes dead. My other cordless phone can go weeks without a charge. This went dead in a few days. Broken?

Probably best to post in the Ooma Home forum, instead, since the HD2 is not designed to be used with Office.

I don’t have an HD2, but, if you are a Premier subscriber, my suggestion would be to get a Linx instead, and use it with a conventional cordless system.

I have a 2-line Panasonic system connected to a Linx, and find it to be very low maintenance.