Ooma doesn't explain or do Quality of Service QOS very well

I am frustrated with my Ooma device/service. The call quality is worse than Vonage which Ooma claims is better. I had Vonage for I don’t know, maybe a decade and other than the price being too high it just worked and worked well. However, everywhere you see these glowing reviews about Ooma, I can only assume that most the time their staff is busy writing them instead of doing customer service. Now that said. Ooma defaults it’s Quality of Service to 0 and 0 yet doesn’t explain what that really means and if you are getting horrible service it doesn’t even give you suggestion on what those values should be. It is 2016 people, seems you can do this better by now after selling millions of devices.

First of all for if you buy an Ooma device with a wireless adapter, why would Ooma want you to place your device between the router and the internet as default? I won’t work, and also why would TODAY in 2016 should any device go in front of your router which has firewall protection, etc. Also why TODAY in 2016 would their default 0 value equal 130 Kbps QOS when unless your living out in the boodocks no one has 1 meg DSL. If you do, you shouldn’t be making VOIP calls.

So Ooma what is the optimal QOS settings for crystal clear calls for everyone who has high speed internet? PLEASE DOCUMENT THAT and POST IT at the top of your forms. For example give ranges, if you have X meg upload and X meg download and your behind the router use these values, just put it in a table format.

For example I have 50 megs upload and download, actually I get 60 megs upload, not sure how. So what should my QOS values be. They were 0 and 0 and my calls where terrible, worse than a bad cell phone. My MOS I tested is better than a 4, so I just guess and put 512 and 512 and my call values were much better, but I don’t think a wild guess it something I should have to do after all it is 2016, this should be documented and easy to find. Besides your device if 0 and 0 should be smart enough to hit a speed test site and save the optimal values in Ooma without me doing anything. Last of all, MyOoma should integrate with values in setup ooma so that you can change them via the web on MyOoma.

With that speed and a Modem > router > ooma setup… you don’t need any QoS settings. I have 25/5 service and Ooma runs just fine.