Ooma Dial Tone to all jacks

Mostly, Ooma works fine for me but I finally got around to following the instructions to make the Ooma dial tone available throughout the house. The Ooma dial tone DOES appear at all my extensions but no matter what number I call from the extensions I get a message (presumably from the telephone company) as follows:
“The number you are trying to reach has either been disconnected or is out of service”. After removing the connection from Ooma to the wall jack and reattaching the telephone line, all is back to normal.

Am I doing something wrong? :question:

did you totally disconnect your home from the incoming phone line at the phone company box? If not, it will not work correctly. Those lines, even if you cancelled your service, still have power in them.

I did, in fact, physically remove the connection to the telco line and verified that there was no dial tone on any of my phones before I connected Ooma to a wall jack. Following the connection to the wall jack, the Ooma dial tone appeared on all my extensions. As I said before, however, any attempt to call out to any number results in the error announcement quoted in my post.

Check your work again. https://www.ooma.com/forums//viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1509&p=123453

Lack of dialtone isn’t enough. Use a voltmeter to verify there is zero voltage before connecting Ooma to your house wiring.

The ‘snap in’ block in the telco interface box was fully disconnected before checking for dial tone.
I think that the problem is more likely the filters attached to some jacks because some years ago I had DSL. My current internet connection is a rock solid 58mbps connection via comcast. I’ll try removing all filters throughout the house.

If you can upload a pic of your NID, that would be good.