Ooma Caller Id Popup for PCs/Laptop/Wifi

Hi! I have been very pleased with my Ooma Telo for past few months and new to the Suggestions and Features Request forum. :bulb:

I would like to see an Ooma pop up window within my pc/laptop showing incoming calls identifying the callers while I am multitasking. Is this possible? Many “freeware” caller id software are actually trials and requires a landline wire connection into modem but where I am sitting (dining room converted to computer room) there is no phone wall outlet as I use a portable handset and wireless connection. I also am hearing impaired and cannot always hear the phone ring hence my request. Thank you. - ihorizon

Your Telo may use the same internet connection as your pc|laptop, but they have nothing else in common.
The Telo doesn’t know where your computers are, what their IP address are, whether they’re on or off, or whether they’re running Windoze, MacOS, or some variant of Unix or Linux or Android. So theTelo has no way of communicating with your computers.

The Telo can only pass information to&from an Ooma server in California.

All you need is a modem which plugs into your PC that snoops the callerid off the telo phoneport.
I’m sure the moderators on this forum have experience with this. They may recommend this product:


Thanks, highq and Tom.

I liked Tom’s suggestion of the USB Adapter/Modem for Caller ID Display on PC Monitor Screen but I don’t have a “caller id” anymore which is what this device requires. I “fired” my previous telecom provider recently so because of this, it might not work. I had thought if I did purchase the USB adapter along with the Ooma Linx and plug them both into my electric socket/LSI PCI modem via landline wire, them there might be a slight chance this would capture the “caller id” provided I found a caller id software to go with it unless it comes with one already. Theoretically. But that would be just spending too much money I don’t have over a theory. Thanks for the suggestions though.

If you have a similar device already, just need to feed Ooma “phone” port to it.

Hi lbmofo. I have a Bluetooth radio dongle which I believe has just a Bluetooth Fax Modem w no port and an unopened MagicJack from couple years ago.

Sounds like you don’t already have a similar device.
What Tom suggested would work.
Just need to feed ooma phone port to the device.
You can use a standard splitter to turn the ooma phone port into 2 or 3 ports.

but I don’t have a “caller id” anymore which is what this device requires.

With the purchase of your Ooma you have callerid again. It is generated on the telo phone port.

So to clarify, basically I would need to purchase only the USB caller id Dualcomm and plug that unit into the main Ooma hub (located upstairs) via telo port on the back. I could not tell if it had a phone port on other end of the USB gadget in the picture, but that would plug a phone line into the main computer correct??? Therefore, this would allow me to “see” who is calling via a popup window via my pc downstairs? Will it show up on the main computer too or just on the main pc? Remember I need it for my pc which is connected via wifi as my phone outlet is not in same room as me. Also, I saw the same exact USB Caller Id from Dualcomm which is more expensive via eBay!!!

Oh, and I heard the “beep” for the first time yesterday…didn’t know I had call waiting!!! Way cool!!! :smiley:

You’d need to plug this device into a computer’s usb port and then this device would also need to be connected to Telo’s “phone” port (via a phone cord). If you currently have a phone connected to the Telo phone port, you can get a duplex phone splitter so you can connect both the phone and this usb device to the Telo phone port. From the description of this device, you can install some kind of software on other computers so the callerid alerts can be displayed on other computers within your network whether hardwired via ethernet or wifi.

Originally when I began my search for “free” caller id, I came upon this web link http://www.w7callerid.com/home.aspx which in comparison is somewhat cheaper than buying the USB Dualcomm as the prices has gone up!!! If I go the W7 Caller Id route, this would be what I would be looking for, however, I don’t have any reference to compare against the Dual Comm version. Money is tight so I cannot afford to splurge at the moment.

Thanks lbmofo!!! And Tom and highiq!

If you want to go the W7 callerid route, seems all you need is the ~$10 modem from ebay. http://w7callerid.com/modems.aspx

It does seem that way but I would still have to pay a license fee…not sure if I want that unless it’s lifetime usage but I don’t see anything on the webpage saying how long license is good for…I probably should stick w Tom’s and your suggestions…cheaper way to go over the course of the long run I think…Technology is always changing…

Looks like $19.95 to purchase one time for license but looks more complicated than the usb device Tom brought up.