Ooma business fax

Currently I just completed 2 ooma business installation, moved from Ring Central. One thing that really stands out the lack of faxing support in ooma business. Yes I know I can setup another extension for $9.99 and hook that to a fax machine (and buy another link) but that is unnecessary for many. In this day and age I should have a way to receive fax in email. Again I know I can buy a fax machine and I do already have one.

Really the lack of support comes down to a few things for me at least.

  1. Receiving emails should have the option of going directly to email (no external device needed)
  2. Charging for this feature is reasonable not expecting for free but $9.99 is on the high end. For example one can get metro fax for $7.00/month with 500 pages (. up to 5 emails, and $0.03 for extra pages and they do not charge you for minutes). Not to mention with ooma the $9.99 is for a set number of minutes, so while you don’t page by the page you pay for the minutes.
  3. Fax client to send from desktop.

At this point I would take any of the 3, not all are needed at same time. For example if it was just a cheaper price that would be great, or just receive only (to email) at same price, even better. In the short term seems to pay $9.99 for something you can get for $7.00/month (no separate ooma link or fax machine required) so I would have to use metro fax but for convenience I obviously would rather use everything Ooma.

I should note that Outside of Faxing support, the features of Ooma business are quite good in my experience.