Ooma and security monitoring systems

My Ooma system will not interface with my home security system i.e. the security system is unable to call out to the monitoring company via the phone line. has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution?

Do you have the phone jack on the Ooma connected directly to the input jack on the alarm system and no where else?

No, my the phone cord from my Ooma goes into a wall jack and enable all the handsets I have plugged in around the house.

You didn’t specify what brand of alarm system you have but most alarm systems require the incoming phone line to go directly to the input of the alarm system. The output of the alarm system is used to feed the jacks in the house. This is so the alarm system can grab the line away from anyone that might be on the phone and to prevent an intruder from stopping alarm call out by taking a phone off hook.

Under preferences - phone number - edit the device “Telo” to Alarm Mode, you will get a regular dial tone when the system has refreshed. I have a Honeywell Lynx system and this fixed my non-communication problem.