old nid setup

i have the old nid in my home with two posts.I have connect all the (red wires) on one post. Then put all the (green wires) on the other post. This feeds my jack in my computor room, from here i took the jack wire plug and put into my DSL box.Then i put the phone plug into an portable phone to the ooma. From the ooma i put the eithernet plug into the router.
Now i have portable phone working.
My question is how to i connect the other phone jacks in my home to receive incoming and outgoing calls?

You must have the “lightning protector” type? Talked about here: http://mi-telecom.org/distribute.html

DSL signal should be kept away from whatever is connected to the Ooma “phone” port so I would not plug Ooma “phone” port into the wires that have DSL.