Office with 3 Linx at Costco for $240 includes shipping

Based on the posts I’ve read, I will wait until it’s out of development- thanks. And based on owning a Telo with a Bluetooth adapter (available since 2010) that could be quite awhile. I’ve unplugged the BT adapter, BTW. Too many cellphone calls rang and could not be answered via Telo with BT, and too much hassle using more than one headset. It seems that Ooma markets more actively than they engineer. And that was with the Bluetooth adapter that was sent to replace the one that had about two feet of unreliable range. You might wonder whether such a hardware replacement is de-rigueur… Well, I ordered a Telo Air from Costco, and had to have my intermittently functional (or non-functional) Wi-Fi adapter replaced before I got a working one. I also had a problem with the gain at which voicemail is recorded (it’s louder than the phone line can handle in most cases, and so is very distorted). Despite my educated protestations that the problem is not in the Telo, Ooma sent me a used replacement, which I returned. They later told me that Engineering has confirmed the problem, but doesn’t yet have a solution. Ooma can and should (after all this time) be better!

I also bought a Linx, for a dedicated second line. I have not had a bit of trouble with it. So, if you’re counting, that’s three of four Ooma devices that were replaced (though one replacement was returned). Now, please ask yourself: Do I want my customers to have to deal with anything other than reliable service? It’s company telephone service we’re talking about here, after all. Ooma could and should be much better.

I am glad to not have a phone bill (except $3.73 in monthly taxes), and some nifty features. However, virtually every time I talk to someone, we have the “no, you go ahead” talk due to the 300-400mSec delay inherent in Ooma’s VOIP. So either party, hearing silence, will start talking at the same time as the other, hearing silence also. Tenths of seconds later we will hear the other party and both will stop and wait, only to repeat the sequence. Is that a bug or a feature? I’ve also had too many people say they got neither an answer or an outgoing voicemail message. Those calls aren’t in the logs, either. I pay for Premiere service, in case you asked.

Now, some on these forums will state something to the effect that “Ooma’s customer service couldn’t be nicer”, or “Ooma at least tries to make things right”. Both are true. But will either of those excuses help you regain a lost customer? Ooma must improve. And, for the record, I wish I could trust Ooma for my business calls (and reap the savings).

I personally, wouldn’t want to subject my clients to the litany of bugs and shortcomings I’ve read about; from missing features, to no (actual) music on hold. It’s quite enough to have to assist my clients with the issues I am in business for- let alone those of another company, thanks. So I wonder: Is this a deal or an offer to beta test? Ooma could and should be much better.

You are going to assess how a product works purely based on user forum posts where problems are reported but almost never how well it works? Are you serious right now?

You and your story of bluetooth and wifi adapter not working…you’ve leveraged these stories numerous times in trying to point out Ooma products don’t work. Well, why don’t you tell me why you would need 3 BT headsets paired at the same time knowing full well (as an “electronics design engineer”) they have to work in the same room based on BT protocol’s intended use (and knowing that only 1 can work at a time)? I know Ooma’s spec calls out for max of 4 but I would like to know why you would need 3 BT headsets paired in a regular residential home (perhaps, I can learn something new)? Are you checking out Ooma’s product’s in a lab setting somewhere (paid for by NetTalk, MagicJack, and/or others)?

Well, thank you for telling us one Ooma product actually works well. For your info, Ooma Office uses Linx to provide extensions. So Ooma office package should work very well based on your experience with Linx.

There you go again with Ooma issues with this, Ooma issues with that. FYI, the 300 to 400ms delay you cited are better than your average cell service. You mean to tell me you never succesfully conducted a functional phone coversation on your cell phone?

Based on your line of posting, I strongly suspect you are planted here by NetTalk, MagicJack, and/or alike to rock the boat here.

I am an Ooma customer. I want them to improve. I’ve wasted numerous hours because their problems became my problems. I want Ooma to improve. I am not a customer of any other phone company but Ooma. We ported from Cox a few months ago. I dont regret changing, but resent wasting part of my life helping someone from whom I purchase products and services to solve their problems. Ooma can and should be better. Deal with it, ibmofo. (Those are the facts, and I do not care what you think, but I won’t have you besmirching my motives in a public forum.) It seems that you take differing opinions personally, ibmofo. Ooma can’t help with that.

Telo_BK, it is not reasonable to expect no push back when you disparage a product you know nothing about and insulting Ooma by calling thier rolled out product “in development.”

I’m using an Ooma Office now and one Linx and I think it’s fantastic. Sound quality is top notch (as was with my Ooma home version), The office on-line setup screens, business hours, etc are great and easy to navigate. Virtual operator is great… I love it. Plus I got to fire Verizon. :smiley: