notice of scheduled maintenance?

Where do you post your notices of scheduled maintenance?

We didn’t receive an email of any sort.
There was no warning on the login page nor on the functional pages.
There was no warning when you took the page down—we were logged in at the time.

The first notice of the scheduled maintenance appeared when we were unable to transfer the phones to next shift .

Not being able to send calls to the person on duty makes it difficult to provide services to our clients.

If we had known about the maintenance schedule, we could’ve made arrangements and adjusted.

We’ll be glad to work with you and help you provide us the service we need so that we can provide our clients the service they need.

One way which we could accommodate your maintenance needs would be if we were notified in advance of the planned outage.

What can we do to work out a method where this never happens again?

Is there a calendar somewhere we can check to avoid scheduling shift changes during your scheduled maintenance periods?

How do you guys handle notifying your clients about scheduled outages?

Thank you. This has been forwarded to management.