Not receiving calls - Telo base or Android app

Telo base station shows solid blue light.

  • No actual phone is plugged into the base station, but even in this case in the US I’ve heard ringing, and in any case my Android app is running.
    Ooma dashboard shows Telo as online.
    Tested with Android app in foreground or background.
    Outgoing calls from Android work correctly.
    All incoming calls go straight to voicemail (with no wait - vm answers within a fraction of a second), no rings on the base station or any notification on Android.
  1. I’ve brought my US number with me to Singapore. Is distance/lag an issue? I have a pretty good connection but there’s always the distance issue.

  2. Do I need to have the base station on to get Android calls?

P.S. Verified that Do Not Disturb is off.

  1. Distance is not an issue but port blocking by Singapore might be.
  2. Yes the base station needs to be on. If it is not connected to the server, calls go to whatever number you specified for power / ISP failure. If that isn’t specified then they go to voicemail.

The Telo can’t be “online” if it is turned off. How long did you wait? It takes a significant amount of time for the server to determine that the Telo is gone.