Not connected - Attempting to connect to the Ooma network

Hi everyone. Our office received two base stations and 8 Linx devices on Thursday. One of the base stations cannot connect to the Ooma network and I’ve spent probably an entire day’s work on the phone with different levels of support trying to get this thing fixed. The error I see on the base stations console is: Not connected - Attempting to connect to the Ooma network

I’ve done factory resets, changing ethernet ports, power down power up on modem, router, base station…nothing works. Customer support told me once that they are upgrading the software which could take 24 hours (and didn’t work), and everyone seems to be pretty clueless as to why this base station wont connect. The device has internet access and it even shows up as connected when viewed through Can anyone out there shed some light on this one? I’m afraid we may have to send the equipment back and cancel if we can get these phones up.


I have the same issue with my ooma home.

It was actually working before and I have had a replacement device shipped
and still can’t connect to their network.

I get internet connection (on both original and replacement) but it can’t connect to
their network… which in my simple 25 years of telecom experience says… maybe its
their server and not the client boxes they keep sending me…

another one is on the way… hopefully they will find an issue with their network

FWIW: I am in Colorado connected via Centurylink…