Nortel Norstar M7310

I’m in the process of switching our phone system from an AT&T landline to Ooma Office, but our existing phones are Nortel Norstar M7310 units. When these phones are plugged into the AT&T landline, the LCD shows the date and time and everything works hunky-dory, but when I plug them into the Office base station, I get nothing. No LCD display, no dial tone, no response.

Could this be a power issue (the base of the Nortel says 24 VDC 0.25 A), a digital/analog conversion issue, or some other type of issue? Do we just need to get new standard analog phones, or is there some converter that would allow these phones to work?

I’ve seen some forums that say punching down a 66 block will let these phones work with a basic home phone line, but that’s all Greek to me, unfortunately ( I bought a super cheap little Emerson handset for $6 just to test the service itself, and it works fine, so I know it’s not the Ooma at least.

Looks to me like the Nortel phone is for PBX system connected to Norstar CICS and MICS?
Need to get analog phone system for your Ooma office.