Nortel Meridian Phone system and Ooma

Are phone systems such as the Nortel Meridian compatible with the Ooma business product? I have the Ooma system at home and think the world of it. All the information I have found suggests that only conventional type phones are compatible with the business Ooma product. Standard phones lack features such as holding, call transfer, paging and I would miss these features.

From the Meridian systems I have experienced there are analogue systems and digital systems. The digital systems had terrible quality when connecting to other digital systems. The quantizing frequency noise would clash between systems or if the talker’s voice volume dropped it would digitally crackle (go below the digital linear usability level) to the point of unintelligibility.

Buy an Ooma box and try it. Keep your receipt, boxes and packing. Take photos with your mobile phone cam of the packing for reassembly.

How are the physical connections done? The Ooma has only one phone connection. Our Meridian system can operate with several lines. Do we need one Ooma for each line?


Sorry. I thought you were asking about connecting the two systems together, not replacing the Meridian.

You can add a Linx to the Telo to have two lines to feed your Meridan system. That requires Premier service. A second Linx would add a third line at a cost of $4.99 per month. However with three lines only two simultaneous calls are possible.
If you need the capability for three or four simultaneous calls then you would need two Telos with a Linx connected to each one in the case of four calls.

Or a business OOMA!

I am also interested in buying Ooma business for my business. We use the Nortel Meridian system. We have 5 phone lines going to 15 extensions. So I couldn’t use only the Ooma Business, I still need my Nortel.
I can’t find any info online about this.