"Normal" call forwarding activation with *72

I request “normal” call forwarding activation with *72 and deactivation with *73 just like “normal” AT&T phone lines.

I like the OOMA TELO and the OOMA Office but they are harder to use than a normal telephone because I have to log in to the web account to do things that I was able to do on the normal phone keypad before.

Please make the TELO and OFFICE act like more regular phones.

Most features should be able to be set from either phone key sequences and/or voice prompting.

There have been several surprises for me when I tried to do things the “normal” way and OOMA TELO and OFFICE either didn’t do what I expected or forced usage of web account to do these tasks.

On Ooma Office, you can dial the following:

*72#, program call-forwarding
*73#, disable call-forwarding
*74#, toggle call-forwarding

why cant this work with premier cant they change this I have to change it by computer now??