No Response from OOMA support

It has been over a month since I complained to OOMA about the phone automatically forwarding to the cell phone even though the option is not on. Also the Android Office APP does not work. I spent over an hour on the phone with the nice support lady from India, she then transferred me to the nice level 2 support man from India who said that it was outside his level and would have to be sent to the developers - I’m assuming in the US as I have never had a response from them - guess they are busy developing things. All I got was a phone call from another pleasant man in India asking if OOMA had solved my problem. When I said that no one had contacted me, he assured me that the nice developer man would be in touch.

OOMA developer or support have NEVER been in touch. Piss poor service and I still get calls on my cell at 2AM forwarded from the non-forwarding office phone.

FIX MY PROBLEM. I think I had better go review the app on the Google store as well. :angry:

BTW, in case you have lost my phone number, check your records, I’m sure that you have it.

HI there
I am 2 weeks into my current issue… The wonderful people at customer service keep being polite, but no-one can actually fix anything… I would agree with your assessment about piss-poor technical service