No house phone connection - beeping sound

I have had the Ooma Telo phone system working flawlessly for the past 9 months and now over a month now the home phones are not functioning. The ooma phone set is functioning.
I reset everything, unplugged all jacks and started over and as soon as plug in a house phone into the ooma module the phone starts beeping and no dial tone.
I do have the latest firmware.

Worse is the call center. I described my problem and the person appeared to have a 3 year old mentality. Did not understand that the house phone is not working. Its Step 3 of the installation. “Plug in your phone into Omma Telo”. “Using your existing phone cable, plug your corded phone or cordless phone base into phone port” THIS IS THE ISSUE. As soon as I plug the phone into the phone port the phone starts beeping. HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT UNDERSTAND THIS?

Does Ooma service representatives actual read these post or is this strictly general population?

This is mainly a user to user forum. An Ooma employee sometimes posts but this is not Ooma customer support.