New User Wish List

Just got my Office Ooma set up and pretty please with it, but did have a couple questions, suggestions, wishes, etc.

  1. Could really use a Music On Hold audio input jack on the back of the main unit so companies such as radio stations could pipe in LIVE audio, not just some canned loop of music.

  2. Virtual Extensions…maybe I missed how to set this concept up, or it doesn’t exist in Ooma. The ability to set up extensions that go directly to voicemail boxes or forwarded to outside phones or cellphones without the need to pay for an outside line for each extension…

  3. Full disclosure on pricing…you claim a $19.95 price point but in reality it’s much higher once you add the huge amount of hidden fees, taxes and charges. Once you get past 2 user lines, the cost savings using Ooma seems to disappear…just my opinion, for what it’s worth.


I agree the cost is more than Comcast with less functionality and same lines. Buyer beware contacted FCC twice still no reply will continue to complain to FCC until I have a response that is based on facts.

Thanks for the comment on Ooma hidden fees and extra charges with 2 or more lines.

I was planning to add sales reps using the Ooma mobile Apps. I’m happy with Ooma voice quality and lower price, but functionality is very limited compared to other products. Any higher cost will be a deal killer for me when I add more phone lines.