New set up

No one seems interested to help. I found the quick start guide which answers most of the questions. Here are the answers for anyone reading. You can also find the quick start guide on line too.

I am sorry to ask, but this is just confusing. Can someone answer these for me:? Is there a good set up guide for this?

I have two incoming phone numbers and three extensions with office. 101, 102 and a virtual fax.

  1. Is call waiting provided on my service? If so, is it just the standard FLASH to answer call 2? Can that call be transferred to another extension? If so, how do I get back to the first call? Will I not get a second incoming call if using one line because it is assigned to a virtual fax?

Yes. Switching lines
When you hear the call waiting beep, switch to the new call by pressing the Flash key on your telephone handset. The current call will be put on hold. To switch back, press the Flash key again.

2. Is a second outgoing line provided with my service (separate from the second number I have assigned to the virtual fax)? If so, and if line 1 is in use, will the second line (i.e. extension 102) automatically provide a dial tone and use the second line for an outgoing call? If so will the caller ID as listed for THAT extension still be used even if using a second line?

This answer seems to be yes. Have not tested yet.

3. When no extension is in use for an incoming or outgoing call, Is there any intercom service provided from extension 101 to another? If so, how do I access it?

Making internal calls / intercom
To place an internal call, pick up the phone and dial the desired three-digit telephone extension.
Note: If you followed the initial setup instructions, then the handset connected directly to your Base Station will have the extension 101 by default. Other telephones will have the internal extension number that you assigned them during setup.

4. How do I transfer an incoming call to another extension? Does this work for an outgoing call too?

Transfer calls
Dial *1 followed by the extension number you want to transfer to.
To transfer to the voicemail of another extension, dial *8 followed by the extension number.

  1. Some (non-OOMA handsets) phones I have used with OOMA flash a light when there are messages. Does OOMA office do that if the handset is so equipped?

Still do not know the answer to this.

6. If I have a dual ring (extension and cell phone for example), what’s the best way to have OOMA not take a message but let the cell service take the message?

I suspect the answer is to have OOMA’s number of rings on the extension MORE than the cell phone. I think that’s the answer.