New Ooma Office Base Station Beta Program - SMB Gould


We are releasing soon a new Ooma Office Base Station model. We internally code name it ‘SMB Gould’ but its commercial name is still the Ooma Office Base Station. Its external physical appearance is the same as the current Ooma Office Base Station.

You may swap the SMB Gould with your existing Ooma Office Base Station or activate it with a new Ooma Office account.

Please PM me with your full shipping address with name, your answer on if you want to use the SMB Gould with your existing account (let me know the current account’s phone number or device activation code) or to activate it with a new account.

Let me know if you need some clarifications or have questions about this program.

Is the ‘SMB Gould’ Ooma Office Base Station the same or different then the last ‘SMB Gould’ Ooma Office Base Station?

Also I never did receive the Promised USB Wi-Fi dongle.

Why propose a pig in a poke? Can’t you offer the slightest hint of the different capabilities that might cause someone to try the new model?

The SMB Gould unit has no user facing differences with the current SMB unit on the field.

The main differences are:

  • It has a new system board with a faster CPU (that does not mean that calls are placed or torn down faster),
  • The Ethernet ports in the back are upside down,
  • The power supply is rated 3.0 amps, you should not be able to plug in a power supply from a different model of Ooma base station unit (e.g. from a previous SMB base station, an older Telo or a Telo Boyle) because rated with lower amperage.

The main goal of the beta is to make sure it operates the same way as it is with the current SMB base station unit (current Ooma Office Base Station).

Good question, Thunderbird, I was wondering the same thing.


There are only two hardware platforms of the Ooma Office Base Station:

  • The current one that most Ooma Office customers have on the field,
  • The ‘SMB Gould’, there is only one version of it, not yet commercially released, only beta users have it.

Both hardware platforms have an official label (at the bottom of the unit) of “Ooma Office Base Station”. The SMB Gould units that were sent to you may have a different name on the label but the units hardware are what they are as explained here.

Oh, I understand why you ask.

The initial invitation was made only to Ooma Office Beta forum users.

Then I posted the same invitation (with the very same new hardware) to general Ooma Office forum users.

Is this new Base Station compatible with the HD2 handset? My current office base station is not and I’ve been waiting for an upgrade.