New Message Indicator

The biggest problem I have with this phone is not knowing that a voice mail message has been left for me while the phone is sitting in the charging dock. If I leave the room for a few minutes and a new message is left for me, I have no way of knowing unless I pickup the phone out of the dock and look at the screen, which I have to do numerous times a day. Only then can I see if I missed a call or a new phone message was left for me. Huge waste of time to pickup the phone and look at the screen just to see if I missed a call.

This phone should display a blinking light to alert me of a new message while the phone is resting in the dock or simply laying on a table. To be honest, this one issue alone is forcing me to re-evaluate whether to keep the Ooma handset and my 2nd office line.

I’ve configured Ooma Office to send an email (with the mp3 audio attachment) whenever a voicemail message arrives.

I’ve also configured my mail client to look for anything from “” with “Ooma Office VM from” in the subject line. — When this is detected, my email client pops-up an alert dialog box on my computer screen (“You have Voicemail” “OK/Cancel”) as a prompt visual indicator.

This works… but it’s not the best solution because email is only checked every 15 minutes or so.

A better solution would be if the Ooma Office device would send a standard “message waiting” signal that most phones recognize. (A “stutter” dialtone to alert about waiting messages would be a nice addition too.)

~ Allen

Since the phone was not designed to have a dedicated message indicator lamp, there are things that can be done with firmware updates. For instance, they could have the green phone icon flash on/off every 5 seconds to alert the user of a new message. This could be easily programmed into the software and included in the next firmware update. It sure would solve a problem that needs fixing…

You can have the display turned on all the time, then you’d see the message indicator.

Yes, that could be done but leaving the display on 24 hours a day is not the best solution either.

The Ooma box should have a beeper that alerts you of messages and problems just like any other $19.95 answering machine.

I finally gave up and turned my old phone system base answering back on to beat out the number of rings. Until a beeper is installed the voicemail part is useless to me.

I find it very inconsiderate to leave messages to friends and businesses and never have them return your calls. If they don’t want to act responsibly, with a voice mail service, don’t have it. HCI

Since audible message alert is so important to you, this site maybe useful to you should you want a new phone system in the future. Out of top 5 systems, only 1 has “audible message alert.”

I have Panasonic phones in several places in the house and the base station has an answering machine. My Telo is remote so i set up the Panasonic answering machine to answer sooner than the call would go to OOMA voice mail. This seems to work fine and the phone “power” light blinks whenever there is a local answering phone message or a voice mail on OOMA. This seems to work nicley because if I’m on the line and a call waiting beep comes in I can either switch to the other call or allow the caller to leave a voice mail on OOMA. I’m very happy with this setup.

The website chart is inaccurate.

All Vtech answering systems have message waiting beepers in the base. I have one{688BB6AE-1AA9-44E9-A4C9-79F1EA06A9E1}/DS6421-26_UM_1.pdf

The Uniden unit also has a message waiting beeper in the base.

The AT&T TL92270 is listed on the supplied page as having an audible message waiting beeper.

I strongly suspect the Panasonic phones do also. They wouldn’t be left behind for the sake of a 1970s technology. I never buy Panasonic brand. I was ripped too many times and this website appears to be another scam promoter for certain brands.

You are aware that people are paid to promote and defend certain products on these review sites, as well as many product support forums, by pretending to be consumers, don’t you? …
Of course you do.


Larry Lix, you are right in pointing out the website’s erroneous ways. Also my bad for not realizing that the audible message alert feature is so ubiquitous. Oh my.

But…what the heck?! Why make these units beep only with local answering machine messages and not with service provider voicemails? I mean, don’t they realize everyone wants beeps no matter what kind of messages?! BTW, the default local answering machine message alert tone setting should not be Off (shouldn’t take a chance on folks missing out on such important feature).

Perhaps, you should start a crusade against all these phone manufacturers for not meeting the most basic 1970’s expectations. It is about time they figured out that they are largely responsible for rendering folks “irresponsible.”