New install for a church


Thought I would check here before charging off and doing something stupid. Let me explain what I have so far…

  1. New building with all new wiring Cat5e for phone use, with a wiring closet termination.
  2. 15x2 Internet connections

I believe these two items give me good infrastructure to work with.

Now I have added OOMA office. OOMA is working for demos with two lines active, both phones plugged directly into the base station and the Linx respectively

For the wiring closet, not sure how to do the terminations. The contractor has terminated each line with RJ 45 connection. So do I use a “66” punch down block and a Cat5e patch cord (cut the end off), or is there a better way? I have used, as a reference.

For the desks, I plan to purchase 4-6, AT & T model 1040 phones (~$82 apiece, .3 Ring Equiv Num) , …. not 1070 or 1080s just need the phone part. (Other suggestions welcome)

Since I have Cat5e run to each drop I should be able to support 4 active lines to each phone. If I make line one be the “base unit” line, then the phones should support “local options", such as auto line selection. (would they need a 1080 phone to do this?)

Curious, at the desk, is there a RJ-45 to 4 X RJ 11 or 2 x RJ 14 jacks connector or will I have to make my own? (Not bad tech talk for a mechanical engineer eh?)

So am I making sense, should thid work well? Or do I have an eternity of damnation to look forward to. (the risks of volunteering at church) :confused: