NEw Billing Format Issues / Compaints and some other ideas


We have a home office with an Ooma business device. We have two main users – my wife and I. We have a third phone set up for an occasional assistant. These three phones use our base station and our linx. We also have a remote workshop where we set up an Ooma Telo. Again, I am the primary user and there isn’t a lot of phone calling out there. I set up extensions for my cell phone and my workshop - out of convenience.

When we set this system up, Oooma was $19.95/line for business lines. Two or three trunks would have been fine. Now, I am reading that they want to charge $9.95/line and $9.95 a user — this might be fine - but they count every extension that isn’t a ring group or virtual receptionist as an extension (including conference bridge and virtual extensions). I find it silly that we have to pay for these “users” especially since there is nothing added like voice mail – it is just a virtual unattened transfer. If they are going to charge for users, each user (i.e. an actual person who has an actual voice mail account) should be able to manage it better. A user isn’t “virtual”.

I would highly suggest that Ooma modifies what they consider as an extension or I may have to go a different direction.

Furthermore, I have a list of other suggestions: Some of these other users have suggested and I am supporting these ideas.

  1. Voice Mail for Oooma Office that is manageable online like you can for an Oooma Telo (and Google Voice, Comcast, etc) This should be a benefit of a “user”. Ability to see and archive messages online.
  2. Voicemail to text (like Ooma Telo and Google Voice)
    3[)[Ability to eliminate voice mail box for “users” at a discount. Good for temporary workers using a general phone or an extension placed in a convenient location. Ability to assign extensions to multiple linx (for same reason). Ring Group without being billed for additional extension would also suffice.
  3. Virtual Extensions not billed as a “user”.
  4. General Voice Mail Box (maybe for Virtual Receptionist)
  5. Routing of Phone calls to a general mail box or virtual receptionist when all lines are being used so we don’t miss any. There should never be a busy signal.
  6. Operator Status Widget or “App” that can tell us who is calling, who is on hold, what extensions are being used, if voice mail is waiting, etc. This might also be a little hardware device that loops through your phone extension (a little box that sits next to your phone with an LCD display).
  7. Voice Mail indicator to phone hardware (Telo can do it)
  8. Call Cueing – letting someone who is calling know we will get to them, – this would go along with receptionist dashboard widget.
  9. Pick up Remote Extension — If I am at my wife’s desk and my phone is ringing, I should be able to put in a star (*) code and pick it up at her desk.
  10. User Selectable Greeting - ability to select from multiple pre recorded greetings easily.
  11. As another poster said – hold button on phone is actually a hold button for Ooma.
  12. Dedicated Ooma phones that work with their system (so we don’t have to use "* codes and get status updates on the phone). (Like what Telo uses)

All In All, Ooma Office has the ability to be a great system but some of the above features need to be upgraded to get more users and justify any new charges.

After checking this month’s bill, I see that I was only charged for my actual extensions (3), not virtual extensions or conference bridge and my total lines. I am confused - because the system reports that I have more extensions (which implies that I will be charged for more) and a CS rep with Ooma said that we will be charged for all extension except the Virtual Receptionist and Ring Groups.

My first issue may be a non issue and just lack of communication and explanation. (The home page of Ooma Office still indicates that it is $19.95/line).

My other feature request still stand.

We are still waiting on clarification on this.

I just learned about Ringio (

They have some cool features for caller id info and CRM info popping up on a screen. I would look to grab some of their best features per user and add them to my above requests.

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