Need to be able to forward calls with Ooma Number as CID.

When we forward our lines to our cell phones, we do not need to see the caller ID for each call, instead, a checkbox that lets us forward the calls while sending along the Ooma number (like Google Voice does) would be preferable.

The rational for this, is that we can distinguish an Ooma Office call from a normal personal cell call.

This is the way we used Google Voice before we moved to Ooma.

*EDIT - This should apply to simultaneous ring as well, as an option of course.

Is there any thought on this? We would REALLY like to forward calls to our cells without having to use google voice in between.

I’ve entered a feature request. This option is available but not currently exposed in MyOffice.

Any idea on a time frame? This is really great news!

No ETA at this time. Any one else wanting this just +1 the thread.

Still no updates?

I don’t think there is any office customer that wants to forward calls to their personal cell and not know they are coming from the office…