My phone allows a blocked call ONE RING. Any way to get rid of this?

Going crazy. Chat does not help. Having a really hard time with this. Ooma allows a blocked caller ONE ring. Ooma is my home phone but I can’t find anywhere else to post this, and Ooma seems to be no help at all except requiring a reboot. I was ok with this until I started getting blocked calls in the wee hours, waking us one with the one ring. Can ANYBODY help us here? .

Caller ID information and processing that information is slower than the ring notification. Some phone systems (think cheap cordless) will delay the ring notification up to a ring and a half before you realize a call is ‘incoming’. Replacing basic corded models with these may be your best option. The downside is many people will only ‘let’ a call ring a few times before hanging up and so delay this ring notification until the second ring is often undesirable.

FYI Sometimes when you place a call it might seem like a long time before the initiated caller hears the ringing. Other times the caller hears ringing before the phone actually rings. Test it yourself by calling, either listen for the difference in the number and timing of your own phones ringer or ask a friend how many ring did they hear before answering.