Multi-ring or simultanious ring

We’ve installed Ooma Business in our small office. We really like a lot of the features that comes with it. But there is one that we really miss. We have a small consulting firm and tend to travel a lot as a part of our business.

I’m curious to know what happened to the multi-ring or simultaneous ring? We were using the Ooma Telo as our business line. And when we traveled we could answer the “office” phone even though we weren’t in the office.

Could there be the option to engage this feature through the web portal?

Multi-Ring is available with Ooma Office. Log into Ooma Office Manager and click on one of your phone extensions. Switch over to the “Call Forwarding” tab and enable call-forwarding and the option to ring your local extension at the same time. This will enable the Multi-Ring feature. See also this KB article:

Okay so I figured out how to set up the multi-ring feature on Ooma Office. I’ve been trying to use it for a little over two months. When a call from Ooma comes to my cell, it is announced, and I go to my keypad on my phone to press 1 to answer the call. Usually when I press 1 (assuming that I can do it quick enough), there is a beep beep beep and the call drops.

Any thoughts?