Loud key tone during conversations


Altough call quality is somewhat good, during a conversation i can hear randomly loud key tones (like someone pressing a telephone key). This happens randomly and not on every calls. Is anybody else experiencing this problem ?

For me, it happens rarely. It sounds similar to the call-waiting tone. I believe it’s just a digital artifact.

Happens to me all the time. It’s not digital artifacting, it’s 100% the same sound as someone pressing a DTMF touchtone. I read a long time ago you need to lower the volume on your phone, but no luck here. happens everytime I talk to my mom on her cell. Super annoying. Only other complain I have is there’s a longer delay with my ooma vs other VoIP phones. Have comcast as well and when i join conf calls, the far end instantly beeps when i join meaning it detected my DTMF instantly. With ooma, it takes an extra 400ms or so and I routinely finding myself cross-talking with others on ooma. Not my comcast. I love the price of ooma, but the quality on my unit is not great. Have 100MB connection too. Feel like I have an old firmware version, but still researching how to tell. Heard it’s pushed to ooma devices, but I wonder if firewall has prevented it and I have old fw. Would love any input from others if having similar issues.

I have the same tone problem. Last month Ooma replaced my VOIP carrier who supplied an Arris TM502G modem and did not have this problem. Tone is intermittent and generally occurs after 5 to 10 minutes, and mostly when my wife is using a desktop phone with her mother who has a traditional landline.