Login Issues with IE9/Win 7

I think there is some issue with the Office Manager login page that does not let it work with IE9, even though all the documentation says the web portal works with IE8 and higher. I just activated my Ooma Office–have not even really stared using it yet, because I am waiting for my existing numbers to be ported over, so no point in doing any more set up until that is done. However, in order to start the porting process, you have to be able to log into the Office Manager. I am running IE9 on both my business computer (Win 7 64 bit) and business laptop (Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit). I did the activation from my business laptop with no problem whatsoever, but boy, logging in to my newly-setup account later certainly was a problem. My phone system appears to be working fine; I can call out and can receive calls.

I also called Tech Support; they had me clear my IE9 cache. They sent me a new password, same result. They tried duplicating my error–they logged into my account just fine. When nothing fixed it, they wanted me to log in using Firefox or Chrome. I don’t use those browsers, don’t even have them installed, so I had to go through the rigmarole of downloading Firefox–when I know I am immediately going to remove it, because I don’t want any more stuff on my computer that I don’t use than necessary. Well that resolved the issue, but that is not an acceptable solution to me. The company needs to resolve the issue with IE9, not force customers to use a browser that they don’t want to use, and don’t use for anything else.

I was told my issue would be escalated to a higher level of Tech Support, and I would be contacted by e-mail about the resolution.

On my own, I tried logging into the web portal from one of my personal computers that has downloaded IE10. Aha, mystery solved. When I log in to the web portal through IE10, it recognizes my phone number/PW, and I can get in. The page is very slow to load, but I can get there. So I now have installed IE10 on my two business machines. But I don’t like that I had to do that.

The login page definitely has some kind of an issue that needs to be resolved. Anyone else running IE9/Win 7 run into this problem?

Login has always been slow for me. IE8 and Chrome are not compatible, but Firefox and Opera are also slow.

I can login & make changes to everythinhg except the #'s (extensions)!! I’m using Chrome & win 7 pro, does anyone know how to resolve this?? I can login from another system with chrome & win7 and change the line settings, no problem, it just won’t let me do it on my pc! The screen turns real dark when I try to setup or configure the extensions, ringroup, etc., I have to click the mouse again for it to go back to looking normal.
any help is appreciated. jeffk