List phones with RJ11 connections and 2.5 mm headset jacks

I have been using Ooma Office for years and am happy with the service. We have one base station and four linx extensions. We have purchased very inexpensive Motorola phones and they work great with the system. But, our problem is that the phones do not have headset jacks and our employees want them.

We need simple inexpensive phones with the following:

  1. Cordless phone.
  2. RJ11 jack to plug the phone cradle into a base station or a Link extension.
  3. Headset jack so we can walk around with a headset while carrying the phone

You would think that this would be an easy puzzle to solve but apparently it is not and apparently Ooma does not have a list anywhere of compatible phones. When I call in for support I am given the option to purchase IP phones which would be a good option except that the IP phones do not work through switches and we have multiple switches and do not have the ability to jack our phones into individual RJ45 Ethernet jacks.

So, I have the following questions:

  1. Have any of you solved this puzzle and found an analog phone that meets the above criteria and works?
  2. Do any of you have any idea how we might encourage Ooma to create a list of some compatible phones?

Thank you,
Sean Carney