Linx and headset both show offline

I got Ooma office up and running, and the number port went without a hitch. after about 24 hours, I see that the Linx light is blue and orange, and a fast busy when I try to dial out. Go into the web portal, and both Linx and my Freedom headset are offline. I delete them both from the profile, and re-equip them. Both still stay offline. I power down both the office unit and Linx, no joy there either. Suggestions???

Please ask support to rma the Office unit.

Will do. Hopefully I can keep the current unit until my replacement arrives? Otherwise, I have no backup.

yes, that’s how it works

I see Tom B is a mod here, so he probably knows what he is talking about, but something similar happened to my office unit a few weeks ago… showed off-line… no calls in or out…

I called tech support, and after a few escalations they downloaded new (old) firmware and it all went back to normal… is this a possibility Tom? Could he have gotten an update that caused this the way my unit did?

Your Office unit is on the beta program. What support did back then is revert your unit to a previous beta because of a problem with the then beta. So unrelated to the problem reported by jloktalGst.

Well customer service decided to reload firmware, (not sure if I went forward or back), and now the devices enabled. All was fine until yesterday, they both the headset and Linx showed disabled and would not come back up. Got onto chat, they had me try to re-sync no go. I powered done for about the 10th time, and both the headset and Linx came back up enabled. I asked if there is a bug in either the HW of FW, they answered no, and I should call support. Tom had told me earlier to RMA the unit, but no one in CS wants to discuss it at this point. Can anybody give some insight into what is going on? If it truly is hardware, what the magic phrase or secret handshake is to get that done?

A fix is now available for this problem. Your Office unit has been upgraded to the release that includes this fix.