Line in use detection?

Has anyone figured out a method so other office personnel know when a line is in use or another person is on the phone? Again, another reason to have true rollover so you can connect Ooma to multi-line phones. We have three lines and extensions running to 8 offices (some offices share an extension). Need a way to know if someone is on the phone to properly handle other incoming calls.

Any suggestions or solutions available today? Is it planned to allow multi-line phones on the Ooma system in the future?

Thanks in advance,


It’s already possible.
On a two line phone connect the first Linx to line 1 and the second Linx to line 2.
If the phones have line indicator lights you have what you asked for.

Same for a four line phone.
L1 - Linx 1
L2 - Linx 2
L3 - Linx 3
L4 - Linx 4