line busy incoming call rollover...

When a customer calls our main, published, number, and that number/line is already busy, how do I get Ooma Office to roll that incoming call over to the next non-busy line…of 3 total.

Create a ring group. then when additional calls come in, all extensions that are not busy would ring. It comes in as additional “channels” not really “hunting” for another line.

Not quite what I’m asking…I think.

Outgoing call in process on line 425-861-0001.(not actual #)

Customer dials phone # 425-861-0001…

Get busy signal…?

Desired: Ooma rolls the incoming call over to 425-861-0002 or 0003…??

You don’t have to do anything special to enable “rollover”. There is no physical mapping between a trunk line and your phone numbers. In the scenario you describe below, even though you have an outgoing call that “used” the 0001 number, as long as you have an available trunk line, the incoming call would be still be processed based on what you have the 0001 number routed to in your configuration (to your virtual receptionist or to one of your extensions). The caller would only hear busy if you had exceeded your trunk line capacity (like if you already had two calls active on the system and had a maximum capacity of two).

Assuming you haven’t run out of trunks then in the scenario you give the local party would hear a call waiting beep. There is no automatic roll over.

Has anyone figured this out? We have four voice lines and are using a Panasonic phone system. I created a ring group and included all four lines in it and set the ring duration to 15 seconds and to transfer to extension 101 after timeout. I have it set for sequential ringing type. Now when someone calls in on the first line and nobody answers, it rolls over to ext 102 and after that, it goes through the remaining extensions and then begins the rollover again and never gets to our internal voice mail system.
I want it to only rollover in the case of a busy line and then ring until our voice mail picks up and if there is no answer, just let our voice mail answer without any rollover.
Can’t Ooma distinguish between busy and no answer? How do I set up the ring group(s)?

I am considering purchasing Ooma Office to replace the 6 phone lines with separate numbers in my restaurant. One is a dedicated fax line. The system (Brighthouse VOIP) is setup where we have one published number that customers call and when that is busy it goes through a rollover sequence between the other lines until if finds an available number.

In reading the posts it seems that this is doable through setting up ring groups. The questions I have then are:

  1. Which products and services would I have to purchase to set this up to match what I have described? What is the cost?
  2. What is the bandwidth required to seamlessly run this setup?
  3. Is using a fax machine on one of these lines an issue?
  4. How reliable is the fax line service?
  5. What is the typical time required to port phone numbers and what is the cost, if any?
  6. We use wireless DECT 6 handsets. Any issues with this technology and Ooma Office?

We tried to use the Ooma in our business, but it wouldn’t rollover calls that come into a busy line. It would only rollover if there is no answer. We switched back to our previous telephone provider.

Has this been determined to not be possible? It seems like such a basic telephone feature via a regular telephone system. Have 2-4 lines from telecom coming in. Have 2-4 line analog type phone. Then use the lines 1-4 buttons on the phone to pick up and receive calls. If line 1 is busy it rolls over to line 2 etc… All phones ring when calls come in.

I don’t use Office, but it was designed to be used with single-line telephones (SLT). You may want to instead consider VoIP plans that use IP phones in order to get the phone controls you want.