Issue with Prepaid Activity call logs tim zone

I report the problem with ooma but they dont even know what im talking about,i just setup office ooma for my business,everything run fine,but i find out they have a big issue but they dont even know even i report 2 times,when i go to Home and call logs its show everything right call in out to my 800 number and my local number,but when i click on addon,repaid account and click on prepaid activity,its show all the call logs of my 800 but the time is all wrong,its aways go 6 hour ahead with the real time show on the call logs at home tab,sample: i have 1 call in to my 800 at 11:05 am today,when i login to my ooma office account,i click on the Home and call logs its show right time,but if i click on addon and prepaid account,that phone call show at 5:05 pm. its 6 hour different,please take a look my account and help me fix it. my office account email is

Thank you. A bug has been entered.