International Calling

Hi does any one have experience calling home from abroad using the Ooma App on an Iphone. I am curious about call quality and whether you talk over each other. I would be using from WIFI in a hotel.

Second Is it correct that calling back to the States from another country, (call my neighbor) that the call is free while using the App?


I can’t answer your first question because I have an Android phone and the new app just came out on Wednesday.

For iPhone users, “My Ooma” states, “Calls to Ooma phone numbers are FREE while calls to U.S. and Canada numbers cost just 1.6¢/minute. Ooma Premier subscribers get 250 free minutes of U.S. and Canada calling every month to help stretch their cell phone plans even further.”

For Android Users, Google Play states, “Unlimited calling: Ooma Premier subscribers enjoy unlimited domestic mobile app calling.”

I’ve called via wifi from overseas numerous times. If wifi is good, call quality is good. Some hotel lobby wifi is so busy that it is not good. Starbucks wifi for example are good.