International Calling plan for Ooma Office

Just got Ooma Office setup today.

Q: How do we buy a international calling plan for Ooma Office?

I already have Intl. plan for Ooma Telo at my house.

Q: I read on the forum that Ooma was planning to route calls to a VM box in case the line was busy. We currently have 1 line for Ooma Office and would like to avoid customers getting “Line is Busy” message…

Don’t think there is a plan to buy. Only via prepaid account right now I think.

You are likely talking about this: Have you tested to see if that’s the behavior?

I see the International rates but not sure how we are being charged. Per min + surcharge + conn. charge - what is it ??

Under the Add-Ons → Prepaid Account → Activity - it doesn’t show any calls or related charges, though we have already made a few International calls to figure out the costs. It only announces the minutes remaining - which doesn’t help.