International Calling Bundle vs. Pre-Paid Issues

Dear Ooma Forum,

Sorry to have to come here with my question, but I do not think Ooma support ever understands my question.

I am enrolled in a 1,000 minutes per month international plan. I assume when I reach the 1,000 minutes, I get a message saying that there is zero balance on my account.

That said, I can access call logs, but is there any way to access how much time has accumulated on international calls without having the manually add up usage for the month?

Per support, I have only used about 100 minutes on my account, therefore should have 900 still left on my account.

The only way I am able to dial out is when I add a pre-paid account balance to my account. (On top of my international bundle.)

How can I resolve this issue without having to add a pre-paid balance to my account as I burn through that more rapidly than I would the 1,000 minutes bundled on account?

Thank you for your help.

First, make sure you are enrolled in the international bundle.

You would see it on this page towards the bottom: under Feature Subscriptions

Second, see your billing activity here (charges to your credit card every month):

If all looks good then, you should see your calling history (to international destinations & Ooma mobile app calls to non Ooma numbers) here:

If you sign up to a bundle, you have your own individual billing cycle. For example: if you purchased the $9.99 bundle on 10/8, your next bill cycle would occur on 11/8 and that’s when you’ll get charged again; you have 1000 minutes to call included destinations from 10/8 through 11/7. To cancel, you’d need to contact customer support before the next bill cycle. There would be no prorated refund.

Calls made to included 61 destinations would show “Cost” of $0

Calls made to destinations not included (and calls over plan minutes) would require a prepaid balance.

I am having a similar problem. For the last three hours, I am trying to make an international call. All I get on the line is the Ooma sound letting me know the line is working well. I can hear the number dialing, next I hear the Ooma sound and then the line goes into dial tone. This is very frustrating. I tried the $4.99 bundle since it is close to the end of the month. No one can give me an answer. One operator told me the problem is on the other end. It can’t be on the other end for every country I called. Is someone else having the same problem.

Not sure what could be going on but initial thing to try when dialing foreign destinations, after the country code, if area code of a number starts with 0 try not including the 0 when dialing and if previously included, try omitting.