Intermittent No Service message with Yealink IP phones


I have a Client that is a new OOMA Office customer. Their ISP is Comcast Business, with a 50/10 data circuit. They have a base station and two Yealink IP phones. They get intermittent (2-4 times per day) “No Service” messages on their IP phones. The base station appears to be unaffected. During these periods of “No Service” messages on their Yealink phones, their internet connection is ok - they are able to send and receive emails and browse the web without issue. A power cycle of the phones or a few minute wait usually means that the “no service” message will disappear. The “no service” message may appear on one or both of the phones. Most of the time it is not both phones but it can be. If they happened to be on a call when the service drops, the call drops, but web browsing is still fine.

The network is simple. IP Phones and PC’s connected to a Gigabit switch which in turn connects to the Comcast supplied Business Gateway device. DNS is Comcast but also tried Google DNS to see if that improved things. Changing the DNS did not help. Local network consists of a couple of PC’s and a couple of network printers, mostly doing word processing and email/light web browsing.

IPv6 is operational on this network (in addition to IPv4). Can IPv6 be a factor in this problem?

I’m looking for assistance in troubleshooting this issue. Any Suggestions?

FWIW, I am also am OOMA Office customer with two Yealink IP phones and a base station. I am also with Comcast on a 50/10 business data connection. I’ve never seen a “No Service” message on my phones, except when power cycled (rarely).

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Does anyone from OOMA look at these forums? I posted several days ago about a problem and I receive no response?

I called tech support and the level 3 support tech asked me to perform a factory reset on the Yealink IP Phone. I specifically asked him if it would automatically re-provision the phone and that I’d only be off line for a few minutes. He assured me that this would be the case.

Guess what? I factory reset the phone (hold down the OK button until prompted to factory reset) and then the phone reset and now it’s totally offline. So I’m having to call support back again to get them to tell me how to reconnect the phone.

One added benefit to the factory reset is that I can at least login to the phone using the default username and password.

However, the “level-3” support person that I’m now talking to is in over his head. He is at this point clueless as to how to get my Yealink IP phone back working again. He’s had me login to the phone via IP and reset the NTP settings.

He now tells me that I’ll be out of service until Monday, because he as to send it up to another level and they don’t work weekends.

After being offline for the weekend, I called this morning at 8:09 am PDT, and was told that no one was available to help me and that the level 3 techs don’t come in till 9 am.


The background noise level when speaking with the support techs is unmanageable, and add to that the fact that the support folks are not native english speakers. The end result is that understanding and comprehension are incredibly challenging in this environment.

The whole support experience is unsatisfactory to an extreme.