Integrate a new anti-telemarketer!

I pretty much joined this forum solely for the intent to make the Ooma staff aware of this product — or soon to be product, mainly. And also another thread which I will soon make after.

With the intent of either perhaps creating something similar since It’s not copyrighted nor not complicated to create something similar — for Premier members or possibly even offer integration to this product once it launches.

As I am currently a Ooma Premier subscriber, I have all the Ooma Premier blacklists enabled which are powered by Nomorobo. The Community Blacklist, Expanded Blacklist, and the Expanded Blacklist. However, unfortunately several times a week I still receive a telemarketer or robocaller caller. I even manually add telemarketers to the blacklist manually after each call.

It would be glorious vengeance if we could have this capability, that this product promises to give.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with this kickstarter nor can I whole heartedly recommend you support it. Only since, I personally do not know the inventor. I can not vouch for his validity. However, he has recently been featured on several TV Shows. Many British news and has a British service already operating. And if you are a techy, this kickstarter was recently featured on TWiT’s newest “The New ScreeenSavers” episode with a much better example.

I called the phone number from the webpage link you provided and the only responses from the bot were “ya” and “hello.”

I suggest using “Lenny” instead. He is a bot, but has a much larger vocabulary:

The funniest part is when he has to put the telemarketer on hold to shew away the pesky ducks making noise in the background. Even the telemarketers get a laugh out of it.

I have Premier, so I can dial “Lenny’s” number and conference in the telemarketer. I only do it with the really pesky telemarketers because it is a bit cruel.

Note to a Moderator: I accidentally posted this in the “Office” section when I intended for it to be in the Home section. If you could move this thread, I’d appreciate it.

It worked fairly well for me when I tried. But thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give Lenny a try.

Just making everyone aware of the bot. I’ll use Lenny if I find it better as I only hold loyalty to the better product.

But the other intent of my thread was to “suggest” something similar with Ooma staff. Or at least easy integration to existing bots such as Jolly Roger, Lenny, or etc… I have a HD2 headset, and I know it’s firmware is upgradeable. I would love a shortcut button rather than manually having to initiate a 3 way call every single time. Something easy and quick would be wonderful.

And if for some reason it’s technically impossible to implement this with the HD2 headset via firmware, then please consider this on your next headset revision.

For a much better demonstration, here is a link from the show “The New Screensavers” — I mentioned it in my original post. The inventor was interviewed and they demonstrated the bot well.

Here is a direct link to the specific time in the show, no need to forward or rewind. This link begins the video at the start of the “Jolly Roger” segment.

The more bots, the better.

Although, the guy on the Jolly Roger recording sounds a bit like a smart alec, so I think the telemarketer might catch on sooner.

Lenny has been suggested previously: