Initial Greeting, What am I Missing?

Okay, so I have my system installed and ready (for weeks now) to get rolling. I need to either record and upload a (5m MP3) or use Ooma’s Text to Voice option. In my initial receptionist greeting, I need to presently callers with any of 10-options (extensions) that they can select from the menu.

The Text to Voice options allows for 400 text characters to be converted into voice. Consider the following…

"Welcome to XYZ corporation, please listen to our menu and make your selection

If you’d like to 1, please press 1
If you’d like to 2, please press 2
If you’d like to 3, please press 3
If you’d like to 4, please press 4
If you’d like to 5, please press 4
If you’d like to 6, please press 6
If you’d like to 7, please press 7
If you’d like to 8, please press 8
If you’d like to 9, please press 9
If you’d like to 0”, please press 0"

420 characters (with spaces) so Text to Voice will not allow me to present a full menu with all the options of which my incoming callers can select from. This is without even giving a description of what 1-thru-0 might be. Okay, I really don’t like the Text to Voice option anyway, as I’d like the recording as it seems to be a bit less automated and more personal. Lets look at the upload audio file.

I’ve tried on numerous occasion to record the 10-options using the MP3 format that Ooma gives us. Impossible, even fast-talking. I’ve asked Ooma why they use a full spectrum audio format such as MP3n(128kb/s bitrate) when were talking about a voice recording, they don’t seem to have an answer. “Optimize the file” they suggest, but optimizing an MP3 file tries to preserve the full audio spectrum (or as much as possible) which in effect, degrades the voice (only) spectrum of the file.

From my understanding, standard, recognized VoIP CODECs employ a FAR lower bitrate than full-spectrum MP3. These are VoIP recognized CODECs ranging anywhere from 4.8 kb/s to 64 kb/s. The HIGHEST recognized (and industry standard) VoIP CODEC bitrate of these is HALF what the MP3 is. We’re not listening to Beethoven or The Stones, just my wobbly voice trying to offer my incoming callers one of ten options.

To Ooma’s credit, they have sent me seven emails over the past 12-days saying they would get back to me ASAP (thank you Maria.)

If anyone has had a similar experience and figured out how to deal with this, please enlighten me. What am I missing, besides the return email communication from Ooma?

Minimize the words to get more options.

For X dial 1
For y dial 2
For z dial 3


Don’t see much difference replacing 1 with X (that was just given as an example), still not enough space available in MP3 format. Ooma needs to address that restrictive 5m MP3 limit, or change to a recognized VoIP protocol.