Incoming Caller ID issue solved!

With a stroke of luck I solved the caller ID issue, no thanks to Ooma customer service. When I was told by another individual here he was having a problem with ATT internet provider lines I decided to Google Caller ID problems and low and behold, there were a number of topics on caller ID problems with ATT’s uverse VOIP phone service. It turns out there is some sort of technology that only some phones can process and apparently Ooma is using the same protocols. It seems to have something to do with the “Incoming Call” message which TVs use to display call information on the screen.

So the cure is using newer Panasonic or ATT phones. I happened to have a Panasonic Dect 6.0 cordless phone for my home and went ahead and plugged it in. Caller ID comes up every time. I want to point out that my brand new Dect 6.0 Vtech, and somewhat recent Dect 6.0 Uniden and corded ATT phones do not work.

Here is a link to the ATT forum discussion I found on the topic. Maybe a tech person can figure out what it is that makes one phone work, but not another.

Incoming callerid info should be received by the phone between the 1st and the 2nd ring.
That poster talking about some pre-message sent (meant for Uverse TV) I’ve never heard of; one of us has no clue.
I haven’t run across a phone that doesn’t work with Ooma callerid. I’ve helped many friends/family install Ooma with numerous different brands of phones.

Are you posting in the correct Ooma forum? The caller ID worked fine on all the phones with the residential Ooma Telo. The problem only occurred with the new Ooma Office. Other Ooma Office owners even contacted me to see if I had found anything out because they were having the same problem. Even Ooma customer support said try a different phone, which 3 different phone brands were tried and caller ID still did not work until a Panasonic phone was used. The Uverse TV comment is based on what was discussed in an actual ATT sponsored forum. I also learned from another member here, it appears to have more to do with your internet provider than it does with Ooma.

To be clear, I was talking about the poster when I said one of us has no clue. Not you.
Although I didn’t realize your post was related to the office, I haven’t heard of incoming callerid problem with the Office, in the forums anyway.