Improve Blacklist and Community Blacklist

A few suggestions:

  • Hook the blacklist lookup into Mr. Number or to help determine (along with existing community blacklist) whether to block a number.

  • Provide a way to either view the community blacklist, or show numbers that you have personally blacklisted which are now covered by the community blacklist. Since we only have a set number of blacklist entries, give us a way to find out which numbers we can clear out of our own lists once they are elevated to the community list.

I would add a request to blacklist by name. Some of these firms, Consumer Svcs for one, call everyday from different numbers. I count 9 numbers from them that i have blacklisted in the past week alone.

Two excellent suggestions, above.

Ooma should devote major resources to protecting customers from unwanted calls and user configurability. These features are asked for again and again and again and over a long period of time.

Otherwise, I’m very happy. Except for the HD2 handset. It has has very good voice quality and excellent battery life. But the four-way button is nearly impossible to use and it just isn’t convenient to use. It just doesn’t work conveniently or quite like any other cordless phone that I have ever used. It’s . . . difficult!

Do the Ooma folks actually read this forum? I posted this almost two weeks ago. Would have thought someone would respond with something…

Ooma will take it under advisement.

My point is that it would just be smart customer service for someone from Ooma to actually respond when we take the time to make a suggestion. Even if it is just “we’ll look into it”. Right now, it feels like we’re just yelling into the void.