Import contacts in .CSV format

Currently the only way to import contacts is through a smartphone app that requires at least Android 5.0. My phone is at 4.4 and I’m not going to by a new phone so I can import my contacts.

You have an option to export contacts in CSV format to a PC file. So why do you not have an option to import contacts in CSV format?

I use Outlook and Gmail and both have an option to export in CSV format. I want to be able to import those files to my OOMA.

This OOMA site has a section Importing contacts that states

“You can import contacts from 3rd party application and services such as Microsoft Outlook through the Contacts interface by clicking import in the contacts interface.”.

This is absolutely false. I have an email from OOMA Care Support that states the smartphone app is

“the only option for exporting and importing to my ooma, no other option.”

I read the online instructions and spent MUCH time creating a csv file of my wife’s and my contacts only to find out that it can’t be done. I also spent a lot of time with support who convinced me it would be available through the Ooma app.Got that. NO, its not. Waste of hours. This is a deal breaker. They told me to type them in, all 350 of them (max is 1,000). Why do they have instructions when it can’t be done? :frowning:

I too was mislead by that section in the FAQ stating that you can import contacts from a .csv file. Following those instructions I was lead to the “install an app on your smartphone” guidance. I tried to clarify via online chat. The question was somehow too complex for them so they suggested calling support. I did. The first level of support couldn’t answer the question and so they put me on hold while they spoke to “techincal support”. Technical support apparently related that it could not be done.

Ooma should update their FAQ ( to explicitly state that importing contacts from a .csv file is not possible.

That’s too bad. I’ve been a using PC call screening program for over a decade that gladly exports the contacts I’ve accumulated over that time in .csv format. They do not exist on my smart phone. Typing them in by hand, uh, no. Another item from “reasons to buy Ooma” now struck from my list.

I just ran into the very same problem. It is really bad that this is not an available feature just about every application that stores data supports imports (especially CSV files). It is so common even the OOMA staff that wrote the manual expected it to be there. They even give instructions how do do it with links on how to export CSV contacts from Outlook. At least the Outlook esport works. Someone forgot to tell the Ooma programs to allow for the Import (which should have been obvious to them anyway).

This is just too basic to not be implemented. How about some real support? Take a couple of hours and program the Import feature.

Seriously? With all of the sophistication and technological features, this basic feature is not on the Ooma business phones?

I want my contacts available in my phone, but there is no way I can sit and punch each one into the phone keypad.

Ooma…PLEASE make this feature available quickly. That should be a no-brainer.

Just got Ooma. After signing up I called support with a host of questions one of which was how to import a contact list. I was told this is not possible! What! A business application that does not support a contact database or .csv import or use a account connected database on an Ooma server . Unacceptable. I was told if enough people request it they would look into it. A business’ life blood is customers and contact lists are the conduit to connect. We need to put pressure on management (How?) to implement this simple upgrade. Hope I don’t come across other gotchas. They have the phones locked down tight, can’t do any of the customizations described in the user manual for the phone (T27). Don’t have the phones yet but I have been playing around with the office web app, very basic but functional in what it does. Although, I do have a problem running the app on Chrome on my pc but they can’t tell me what setting in Chrome might be causing the issue, wouldn’t even try. Having second thoughts about. Ooma, I do have a 30 day trial period. The cost is very attractive but maybe you get what you pay for. :wink:

I have been using an Ooma system since April of this year. Our office uses the T27G desk sets and has been great!

So far, the only “gotcha” I have discovered is the lack of ability to import contacts into the sets. Like you, I believe that is absolutely ridiculous. As I said in my own post here, with the technology of the Ooma system itself, it is unbelieve that an import option is not one of the very basic features!

This is a serious failure that Ooma should address quickly!

I wish I had seen this thread earlier because I just went through the same waste of time as the folks above. The instructions on the My Ooma web portal are clearly incorrect. Despite what it says, you cannot import a .csv file of contacts exported from Outlook. The only way to import contacts now is to use a mobile app and import your phone’s contacts.

The most important point for me is that Ooma support does not pay any attention to this Forum. Otherwise, they would have corrected this mis-information on their website long ago. I asked the telephone support guy to report the error, but he seemed not to understand (or care).


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